Southern Ohio's Original Professional Tattoo Artist

Freehand Tattoo Artist since 1975

Based once again in the beautiful Shawnee Forest region of Southern Ohio

Crazyhorse is still road tripping on his continuing TATTOO TOUR of the known universe into 2014. But will once again have a steady presence in his long time home in the Southern Ohio Hill Country.

The walk-in studio set up has been temporarily closed while touring. But we are soon to unveil the newest incarntation of the famous purple "MAGIC TATTOO BUS". Crazyhorse, along with his son Justin Sane are available to do guest tattooing at tattoo studios around the globe & also available to do private tattoo parties for those in the know. Crazyhorse & Justin Sane hope to see you in their travels. And we hope you will visit this site in the future to check out all the changes coming. Watch for the next generation of the Crazyhorse tattoo clan emerging to make their mark on the tattoo world of the 21st century.

Wishing All - Good Vibrations, Peace, Love and Enlightenment in the Age of Aquarius.



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